Welcome! I have been so hesitant to even start this blog. I am a perfectionist and sometimes that paralyzes me from even beginning. So after some procrastination, I am glad to share with you the Do Good Blog which is my way of celebrating the good being done around the world to address some of the worst kinds of evil, and to challenge every single one of you to ‘Do Good’ no matter where you are.

The ‘Do Good’ concept came to me while on a flight back home to Barbados from Brussels. I had traveled for a work meeting but this trip was a turning point in my life. Something profound occurred on this trip and triggered the idea for this blog to encourage the ordinary person to care about the challenges facing our world, and not just care, but actually do something about them.

It all started when a group of friends and I walked past two migrant families with young children sleeping on the streets in Brussels. Frustrated that I had walked past and done nothing resulted in an outburst to my surprised friends. This situation broke my heart, but what could I do? I was angry that people kept walking past; I wanted to scream, “This is NOT normal!” After we returned and gave what money we had to the last family we had passed, I was still disturbed and bothered. I yearned for an avenue to bring about greater change.

The migrants and their struggles caused my racing mind to think about the issues facing my own country. One that stood out was the economic hardship facing my small country of Barbados. We are currently the country with the fourth highest debt to GDP ratio in the world, after Japan, Greece and Sudan. Poverty is increasing as people struggle to make salaries stretch to cover the increased taxes and cost of living.

As someone who cares about children, I began to imagine the effects that this increased hardship would have on the most vulnerable in society. While on that eight hour flight back home, I had plenty of time to think. I had an epiphany if one could use that term, about starting a café – a ‘Do Good’ café that would generate money to be used towards helping needy households to feed their children…and so a small seed had started.  Beyond the café idea, the seed grew into a seedling and an idea about a Do Good Blog to encourage others to join the movement was birthed.

So, after pushing past my initial fears, the niggling feelings of inadequacy and the voice in my head that kept  telling me I simply didn’t have the time between a full time job, co-pastoring a small church and raising two boys, I decided to just start. I am happy to be able to share with you these posts written during lunch breaks (see I found some time!) which I hope will inspire you to be the change you wish to see.

This blog is here to be a voice that shouts, “families living on the streets, child labourers, human trafficking, (insert your own cause) is NOT normal!!” Then beyond shouting, my prayer is that you begin to Do Good in your community, your country and your world. You don’t have to be perfect, just join the movement and Do Good!

Robertha Reid