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It was about 5:30 p.m. and I was rushing out the door to volunteer as a baby-sitter. I don’t usually leave my own children at home to babysit other people’s children…I love children but not THAT much. This was different though, actually special. For about a year or so I had begun supporting a pro-life charity called Unborn Justice. The children I was going to babysit belonged to the clients of Unborn Justice.

I first learnt about Unborn Justice through a post made by its founder Kamille Martindale on Facebook. I can’t remember the exact contents of the post but I do remember feeling like I needed to contact her. During our telephone call, I was drawn to Kamille’s passion to prevent abortion in Barbados through practically loving mothers who needed support.

Kamille along with two friends registered Unborn Justice in 2015 as a charity in Barbados with a vision “to see abortion eradicated and every unborn child’s purpose fulfilled.” What I particularly liked upfront, was the tangible and practical nature of support provided by this charity. Since its inception, Unborn Justice has evolved from simply being an idea during a brainstorming session into a Pregnancy Resource Center in the island’s capital. Through this facility, expecting mothers receive pregnancy tests, counseling services and baby supplies. I especially like the Earn While You Learn Programme which is a parenting education incentive programme designed to reward learning, foster responsibility, and nurture relationships with clients. Clients earn “Mommy Money” or “Daddy Dollars” which can be exchanged for items stocked in Unborn Justice’s Baby Store or receive supermarket vouchers or bus fare.

That evening as I pulled up to the Pregnancy Resource Centre I could hear the sound of babies playing in the hallway. As I entered the room I was quickly handed a baby whose mother was in the adjacent room attending a class. From time to time, mothers would enter the baby room to nurse their little ones or just to make sure they were doing well. Actually holding the babies helped me to realize how very different life would have been had Unborn Justice not been there. All because someone had chosen to ‘do good’ about an issue they cared about…lives have been saved and giggles and laughter could be heard among women who several months ago had been contemplating ending their pregnancies.

As I was preparing to write this feature, I tried to find abortion statistics in Barbados. While I found it challenging to find them, the global stats are quite alarming! According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 40-50 million abortions occur annually; this works out to roughly 125,000 abortions per day! That is like the entire population of Barbados being wiped out in 2 ½ days.

As I got increasingly interested in this topic, I came to realize that one of the reasons women choose abortion, is because of financial reasons. Having a child is not cheap! As a mother of two, I certainly appreciate this fact. Sometimes women can feel so overwhelmed with the thought of raising a child (often times single handedly) and if they do not have the right support systems in place they will feel as if they have few options. This is why the tangible support provided to expecting mothers in this position is so important.

I remember once hearing the story of one of Unborn Justice’s clients who was in an abusive relationship and felt suicidal and depressed. Pregnant and homeless was how Kamille met her. The young lady recalled how Kamille and her mother dedicated their time to praying with her and provided her with the support she needed at the time. Now today that young lady is the proud mother of a beautiful little girl, was able to secure a job through the assistance of Unborn Justice, and is a shining example that with the right support, abortion does not have to be the only option on the table.

Sometimes people just need to know that there is someone who cares. Sometimes, people who are going through a rough time just need someone to be there for them during their darkest hour. Sometimes, people just need someone who would choose to do good.

If you would like to find out more about Unborn Justice or support them in anyway, here’s how you can reach them:

Tel: 266-8473

Email: unbornjustice246@gmail.com

Instagram: unbornjustice

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unbornjustice246/

Address: #26, James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown, Barbados


You may also want to check out one of their upcoming fundraising events such as the one below:

UJ flyer




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