Victory Gardens – A Solution for a Struggling Economy?

When as citizens we become part of the solution to the problem we helped to create, the change we want to see moves exponentially beyond what ‘the powers that be’ can actually achieve on their own – Victory Gardens Barbados

Do Good

Victory Gardens

Have you ever met someone who always has a BIG idea?

l’m married to one!

A few weeks ago, hubby started talking A LOT about an idea that he was interested in pursuing. An idea called Victory Gardens to encourage Barbadians to grow their own food. I originally didn’t think too much of it but when I realised that this idea was here to stay, I started to do my own research about this Victory Gardens concept. Here’s what I found…

During the 1st and 2nd world wars, in the middle of a period which was marked by food scarcity and soaring food prices, a movement called Victory Gardens emerged. Out of a sense of duty and need, the average American was encouraged to grow food wherever they could, to support the soldiers and also to increase their food security. I admire the way in which everyone at…

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